Appexchange Apps Implementation

Client Profile

The Challenge

The client, a substantial multinational HR entity, navigated the complexities of managing numerous brands and handling a myriad of assignees weekly, spanning various industries, professions, and positions. The imperative was to efficiently recruit, manage compliance, and payroll these assignees. Integrating two AppExchange apps—an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and a Workforce Management System—into the Salesforce platform presented significant complications, necessitating a robust, tailored solution.


Approach and Implementation

Black Wolf Consult, in collaboration with other implementation partners, embarked on a meticulous journey to construct a solution. Around 40% of the solution was custom-built, deploying the Salesforce App Builder to develop a specialized front-office application tailored to the multifaceted needs of the client.

Key Implementations:



Black Wolf Consult, leveraging its expertise in Salesforce consulting and implementation, navigated through complexities, crafted, and executed a tailored solution that not only tackled the immediate challenges faced by the client but also established a platform for continuous optimization and improvement.

This case study epitomizes the potent impact of well-orchestrated technology implementations, driving efficiency, customer satisfaction, and operational excellence, and stands as a testament to Black Wolf Consult’s dedication and expertise in delivering transformative technology solutions.