Nurse Scheduling

Client Profile

The Challenge

A renowned healthcare resourcing business, specializing in scheduling nurses for shifts on a daily basis, encountered major efficiency barriers due to their reliance on outdated legacy software. The previous system demanded manual call-ins to nurses for shift bookings and lacked the capability for rapid, effective scheduling upon client requests. The necessity for a comprehensive, automated, and efficient scheduling system was palpable.


Our Approach

Black Wolf Consult leveraged Salesforce, employing the Lightning App Builder and developing custom objects, page layouts, automation, and advanced logic to create a bespoke scheduling application.

Key Innovations & Implementations:

Implementation Journey

The creation of the intelligent matching logic and user acclimation to the new system was an intricate, prolonged process. The meticulous change management strategy encompassed:



Through the adept use of Salesforce and a focus on both technological and human factors, Black Wolf Consult crafted a solution that not only resolved the evident operational challenges but also elevated the client's capacity to deliver impeccable service to their healthcare clientele.

The new application stands as a testament to how technology, when integrated thoughtfully with processes and people, can truly transform operational landscapes, bringing forth efficiency, intelligence, and user satisfaction.